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The Bug Out Trailer

•, by Allen A.

If things go bad do you bug in or do you bug out. This decision will probably be made at the time depending on the expectations of what the emergency will be and just how bad you expect conditions to become. Are you expecting a hurricane or other disaster sizable enough to worry about? Will you be gone for a week then return and open the house back up? Are you expecting a Katrina size event or might it unexpectedly turn into a long term emergency where the only things you have will be those things you take with you.

What is your home like, is it standard wood frame construction? I remember a picture taken after a wildland fire in California. The picture encompasses what looks like the remnants of hundreds of homes. In the middle of this devastation is one intact home.

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Comment by McElchap
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Good luck in the gridlock of panic stricken drivers fleeing metro Phoenix on one of the few routes out of town! But then that trailer might supply you and yours while you're camped out on the freeway in the broiling Arizona sunshine! Travel light, my friends, and take not the beaten path to flee danger. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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