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VIDEO: US Is 'Disgusted' Over UN Syria Veto

•, by Staff Report

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice says the U.S. is disgusted that some countries are holding up a resolution condemning Syria. – CNN

Dominant Social Theme: Syria needs to collapse.

Free-Market Analysis: In this video, we hear strong words from UN ambassador Susan Rice who claims that Syria's military actions against the forces of regime change may now amount to crimes against humanity.

What Ms. Rice does not say, however, is that there is plenty of evidence including an April 2011 New York Times report that outlines how the US itself (perhaps along with Britain and NATO) has been behind the "youth movement" destabilizations of various African and Middle Eastern countries.

It seems fairly obvious now that a power elite intent on ruling the world has embarked on this destabilization effort to bring one-world government closer.

First of all, the UN's Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine that was passed in 2005 has seemingly given rise to these actions. It effectively abrogated the 400-year-old Peace of Westphalia wherein it was agreed that nations would recognize fraternal boundaries.

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