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Audacious Stroke of Political Genius? Why Obama May Have Released Obviously Faked Docs ...

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 Sheriff Arpaio throws his credibility out the birther window ... First there was the pink underwear worn by jail inmates. Next came the tent cities, erected at a fraction of the cost of traditional brick and mortar jails. Finally, there were the chain gangs, a throwback to the days when the lives of inmates included hard labor, rather than weight lifting and television privileges. Through it all there was Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the elected sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, who defended his regressive measures by proclaiming (correctly) that our troops in Iraq were facing similar conditions while under the threat of a war zone. In other words, stop whining.

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Comment by Olde Reb
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 the document is not on   The link is inoperative.

Comment by David McElroy
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 While I have often been critical of Arpaio, he is right to carry the challenge on behalf of citizens who doubt Obama occupys the White House legitimately. His history is entirely shrouded and the few documents seen obviously forged.  Some say we should focus on other matters, the birth certificate issue is silly. It is not. If Obama is not legally the US president, everything he has done can lawfully be invalidated, pulling the rug out from under his socialist house of cards. Those who understand the "natural born citizen" requirement of the US Constitution for POTUS know Obama does not meet that requirement, even using only what is undisputed and admitted by Obama. But so many refuse to look at the evil on their doorstep, and live in denial.  Sic 'em, Sheriff Joe!

Comment by Ed Price
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With regard to Obama? Let's hope everyone becomes informed. Obama's military in the Middle East is harming a lot of innocent, poor people while it is being used to do things that are not entirely clear. The point is the harm that is being done.

If Obama wants to look good in the eyes of poor Latinos, let them always remember that with a simple stroke of the pen, he could turn his forces against them and their relatives in Mexico - at any time. Who knows for sure that he won't?
The middle class people are seeing what a cruel monster he is with regard to human rights, both in the Middle East and in America. Look at the tent cities in America... reminiscent of Arpaio's prison Tent City in some ways.

And for the wealthy? The whole United States is becoming a stench in the nostrils of all the nations of earth for the cruelty the Obama military machine is showing to innocent people all over the Middle East. So who will want to trade with us anymore? What nation will want to do business with us anymore? Obama's military tactics are making the whole world an enemy of the U.S.. Why? Because the whole world is watching.