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How to legally bring a gun to the Republican National Convention

•, By Megan Carpentier
 The tragic deaths of 12 people last week in Aurora, Colorado as part of a mass shooting that injured another 59 reignited the national debate about gun control, with conservatives lining up to defend America’s arguably loose gun laws and suggest the tragedy was preventable with the application of more firepower in the theater and liberals suggesting that it was a convincing case for stricter gun control.
In five weeks, the Republican National Convention will get underway in Tampa, Florida — and, due to a state law restricting municipal firearms regulations and Gov. Rick Scott’s (R-FL) unwillingness to provide the city a waiver from that law, legal firearms will be permitted all around the convention center (though not inside of it).
Scott’s reasoning was that, “it is unclear how disarming law-abiding citizens would better protect them from the dangers and threats posed by those who would flout the law.” However, one need not flout the law to bring a gun to the areas just outside the convention. Due to the nation’s patchwork gun laws, it would be quite easy to have ill intentions and bring a perfectly legal firearm to the convention zone.
1. Complete a firearms education course
The state of Florida requires all concealed carry permit holders to complete a class in firearms training or safety before applying for a permit. While active duty military personnel and former members with an honorable discharge are exempt, anything from an NRA-sponsored class to one offered by a “junior college” can qualify for the purposes of the permit. A four-hour group NRA Firearms Safety Course in available in Virginia for $85, while pistol orientation classes run about $95 and pistol shooting classes can cost as much as $140. Any qualifies one for a concealed carry permit in Florida.

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