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The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman

An Invention Whose Time Has Come!

--- This technology gives you ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! ---

The following is the videogoogle link for the 17-minute video:

featuring endorsements by physicists, electrical engineers,
and a representative of Ray-O-Vac Battery Corporation.

"If the manner in which Joseph Newman conducted his experiments
and the results were made known to the industrial or engineering community
then, in my opinion, several companies and/or individuals possess the expertise and capabilities
to construct the hardware required to fully exploit the apparent capability of his new concepts."

--- Dr. Robert E. Smith, Chief, Orbital and Space Environment Branch
George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA

Nikola Tesla once wrote:

"The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is,
 will chronicle an event probably greater than any other
 recorded in the human race."

* IMAGINE a civilization with an access to virtually
 unlimited energy . . .

* IMAGINE an energy source that is abundant, inexpensive,
 and environmentally-friendly . . .

* IMAGINE a stable and durable alternative to oil, gas,
 coal, and nuclear . . .

* IMAGINE an electromagnetic Motor which runs cool and
 harnesses the elemental forces of the universe in
 complete accord with the 1st Law of Thermodynamics . . .

* IMAGINE such a Motor powering the world --- every
 automobile, appliance, home, farm, factory, ship, and
 plane, at a FRACTION of the present cost of energy . . .

* IMAGINE such a Motor enabling us to someday reach the
 stars --- safely and inexpensively . . .

Such a technology now exists:



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Joseph Nolfe, President, NECorp.
(205) 835-9022

(note - had some problems getting this to play in Mozilla Firefox, so the YouTube version is included here as well at the end of this post)

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Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Google: "Edwin Gray."

The technical simplicity of the idea is this. In electricity, when you use a transformer to step voltage up or down, you have the same amount of energy coming out as the amount that went in (excepting loss of internal "wire" friction, that is). Keep this in mind.

Our in-home electric motors run on 110-120 volts. Industry runs on generally no more than 440 volts. Basically, what Ed Gray and Joe Newman are doing is running motors on, say, 15,000 volts - but possibly a lot higher voltage. The strength is in the voltage. You get much more physical power out for a higher voltage.

When you add to this, points (spark gap), there is a momentary surge in voltage that does not follow the standard laws of electrical engineering. This is where they get the extra power from. It is something that has not been explained clearly by electronic physics - at least not in wide-spread in layman's terms.

Now that you know this, is there anyone of you that has the time and talent, along with a small metal-working machine shop, who can build something like this? Regarding Edwin Gray (Newman is similar), he probably used automobile spark coil wire to rewind a small 3-pole stator, 2 pole rotor, DC motor. He used another spark coil to make the high voltage current. He used auto distributor points running off a cam on the shaft of the motor to distribute the electricity at the proper time. You will need to think this thing through to get the idea. You might need alternator diodes to recharge a battery, or to be able to add the current back into the motor as it is running, since the points and coil change the DC current into a form of AC current.

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