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01 History So It Doesn't Repeat: World In Crisis with Chengiah Ragaven and Tom Willcutts


Published on Jun 17, 2012 by

Episode 01: World In Crisis / (change video quality to see in 1080p HD)
Featuring: Prof. Chengiah Ragaven, Johannesburg, South Africa [Ph.D (ABD) (McGill), Ph.D (Cand.)(Cambridge), MA.(Oxford), MA.(Sussex), MA. (UKZN), B.Ed (Univ. London), Cert.ED. (Univ. London), Cert.St. (Oxford)], Faculty-International Studies, Central Connecticut State University, Research Fellow-Simone de Beauvoir Institute and Women Studies, Concordia University-Montreal, Canada.] A few days after this interview, Chengiah was featured in the Montreal Gazette:

Tom Willcutts, West Hartford, CT [J.D. Washington University, B.A. Rice University]

Richard Grove, East Hartford, CT

Additional footnotes:

@36 min: Reference for Israel creating Hezbollah and Hamas "Israel tried to solve the Lebanese problem by force and created Hezbollah; it tried to solve the Palestinian problem by force and created Hamas. It has tried to vanquish Hamas by force, and is gradually getting Al-Qaida in its stead. Now Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is insisting on solving the Iranian problem by force, trying unsuccessfully to convince the world that he is right."

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Memories of a Political Prisoner: Prof. Chengiah Ragaven interviewed by Richard Grove (

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Comment by Cody Hall
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In regards to the term "Zionism", it looks like the US Jewish Federations are to drop the term "Zionism" from their global plans -

As for some well documented & sourced grammar on "The Zionist Plan for the Middle East" I point you to the following paper:

Lastly, Cecil Rhodes was not jewish and zionism was created by athiests who created the bible.

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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For a couple of hundred years, the Jews (you call it Israel, but you really mean jews, just as when the arabs say they want to destroy the zionists, they mean Jews link text, link text) tried not using force for about 1500 years, and we all know how that worked out. The Jews may have various shortcomings, but stupidity and a refusal to learn from history (ANY but themselves will throw the jews under a buss, often literally, if it is convenient or profitable) is not among their faults. So, when / if you suggest that Jews should refrain from violence when attacked, let me say to you, and I suspect that I reflect the opinion of most Jews here, F*** you A***e