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Tree ol Life Bookstore founded in Harlem 1969 as a successful experiment in resolving 5 inner4city C

• Tree of Life Educational Center of Harlem, NY
I'm "Back on 85th Street" - I'm referring to my first 3 years on the planet when I lived on a rather dark and narrow street in Cleveland, Ohio back in the late '20s. It was East 85th Street between Central and Quincy Avenues where I slept in the "ice box" room - so called because there was no heating vent from the furnace to that room. But in the early morning's chilly air of my bedroom I often had visions of the Future: what my Purpose in Life was and what my challenges would be. I knew that I was born with some great Project to initiate but I didn't discover what that was until 40 years later when I founded The Tree of Life Bookstore & Education Center of Harlem, NY. I say "back on 85th Street" referring to the fact that on September 8th, I began my 85th Trip around The SUN and would like nothing better than to share my "important discovery" with the World - which is how to make Life on Earth a Heaven rather than the Hell it may turn out to be. My Kingdom for an Amanu

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