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Gun crazy in America / Priest expelled from Syria / Fleeing to Iraq

 The latest full-length edition of Amanpour is now online: Part 1 Gun crazy in America: A debate about gun control laws in America and a look at how they stack up internationally. Part 2: Priest expelled from Syria Father Paolo Dall'Oglio, a Jesuit priest, discusses his expulsion from Syria for supporting the opposition. Part 3: Between Iraq and a hard place: Iraqi refugees who fled to Syria during the height of the Iraq war are now returning to Iraq.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Gun Deaths Exceed Motor Vehicle Deaths in 10 States, see:

Are there more car related deaths per year than gun related deaths?

Yes there are. See:;
scroll down a little for links to aseveral different kinds of death statistics.

Police and the military kill many more than non-police guns in the U.S..

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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More attacks on firearms. I'm so shocked.

Who was it that said "Never let a good crisis go to waste?"  

If guns were the problem no one would be left, as there are a LOT of guns in the USA, but relatively few deaths compared to the number of firearms. But here we go again. "It's the gun's fault!" is getting very old....


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