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Fluoride Lowers Your IQ: B.S. Headline of the Week

A Senior Editor shows when you dig deeper you see that all was not when it seemed with the fluoridation lower IQ study conspiracists latched on to.

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Comment by James Eldridge
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Fluoridhidricacid. Yeah, I didn't spell it right but that is close enough. I used to be able to save certain articles but with this new PC I am still trying to resolve that problem. I had just read about Fluoride and the real name of it as I tried to spell it. It does cause teeth to break when a person gets to be older. It accummulates in the bones and mostly in the teeth. There is a law suit being formed going after those that knew about this and yet let it happen to millions, just for the money they would get for selling the Fluoride to the government to put into the drinking water.

Comment by Bob Ross
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Because a comedy website is just as credible as a mainstream news source...I guess they put fluoride in the gulags and concentration camps for no good reason then. It has been scientifically proven that fluoride causes dental fluorosis, which is just as detrimental to your teeth and bones as consuming sugary foods. This enough should be cause for concern as there is no way to measure the dosage from person to person. Why not just put birth control or antidepressants in the water supply for the greater good?

Allowing ourselves to be forcibly medicated with something that has proven to offer no real advantages to dental health is ignorant. European countries have the same rate of dental improvement as the US even without fluoridating their water because brushing methods and technology have improved. Fluoridation advocates based their arguments on junk science and have not kept up to date with what actual science has shown. Please educate yourself on this subject instead of referencing a comedy site to validate your confirmation bias.