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Media Covering Up Gun Self-Defense Stories

•, byPhilip Hodges

But maybe we do have heroes; not superheroes, but heroes nonetheless. We just don’t hear about them.

Just recently in Florida, an armed 71-year-old internet cafe patron opened fire with his .380 pistol on two armed thugs attempting to rob the place. Samuel Williams, the aged hero, waited for the right time to shoot. Just as one of the teen bandits’ back was turned, Williams plunged into action, chasing them both out the door with bullets. They were both “beside themselves” as they fell over each other trying desperately to get out the door and away from this crazy old gun-toter (you should see the video; it’s hilarious). The two robbers were hospitalized with gun shot wounds and arrested later on robbery charges.
Critics are saying that these robbers weren’t going to shoot anyone. They were just going to rob the place, so what Mr. Williams did was completely unwarranted and over the line. Well, we don’t know that they weren’t going to shoot anyone. It could have turned into the “Florida internet cafe massacre,” which the media would certainly have gone crazy with. But it didn’t have to even get close to that because there was an armed, law-abiding citizen there willing to put his life on the line for the protection of his neighbors, and no one ended up getting hurt except the bad guys. So why don’t we hear stories like this in the major media?

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