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Humans wouldn’t do well in all-species Olympics: study

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Human beings would be made to look decidedly unimpressive were animals allowed to compete in the Olympics — outperformed by the likes of kangaroos, gorillas and ostriches, a science paper said.

Usain Bolt, currently the world’s fastest man, may just be able to outrun a Dromedary camel but would trail the cheetah, greyhound and ostrich in a sprint race, said a feature in the Veterinary Record journal.

“‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ (faster, higher, stronger) is the Olympic motto, but if we allowed the rest of the animal kingdom into the Games … we could not offer much competition!” wrote author Craig Sharp.

Jamaican track star Bolt holds the 100m-record of 9.58 seconds, which translates into a speed of 37.6 kilometres per hour.

The world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah, can reach speeds of 104 kph, a thoroughbred racehorse 70 kph, a greyhound 69 kph and an ostrich 64 kph, said Sharp of the Centre for Sports Medicine and Human Performance at Brunel University in London.


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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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The first events would involve shooting. Shotgun, arrows, rifles etc. All entrants in the olympics would have to enter, and contestants would be free to fire at each other. Now, most will not fire on another armed contestant, so after the match the survivors will feast on the loosers, and things will be back to how god wanted them to be :=) 

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