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12-Year-Old Girl Tased Inside Victoria's Secret - Mom Had Outstanding Traffic Tickets

 What's wrong with the police? Are officers so unskilled and scared that they must tase a skinny 12 year old girl? And this all began because of her mom not paying traffic tickets? Non violent offenses committed by a parent result in their child bing tased.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I'm guessing this is an example of the automated license plate readers that cop cars have on them courtesy of the American taxpayer being robbed.  The deputy rolls through a mall parking lot getting a few hits.  Pulls up her drivers license photo and goes hunting.  

It was Officer Safety tasering that 12-yr old girl---who might have died...from distracting the officer too much with her protected speech...over traffic tickets owed by her mom.  WHY DO WE LET THEM LIVE?

Comment by Ed Price
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Yabut, but, but... What about dem crazies out dere? I'z a biznuss owner, and dem crazy occupierz scare the heck out of me.

I knowz you caint trust no cops. They scares me, too. I caint tellz who scarez me mo', dem cops, or dem occupierz.

What'z a guy like me s'posed ta do? - sides go back ta skool so's I can learn how ta spell right, is?

Comment by Temper Bay
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Until the Government and their enforcers fear the people they're abuse of the people will continue to grow, and with judicial impunity.   Police are no long 'servants' of the people but are now charged with controling the people.   

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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My god! It was stated that this friggin nazi acted accordingly tazering a 12 year old child? What the friggin hell is wrong with these sick twisted bastards?

If this was my child or grand child, there would be one dead nazi and one less psyco to deal with. These nazis with guns and badges are totally out of control and extremely  dangerous to the general public across this land  period!


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