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The Revolving Door Keeps Spinning: Former Lockheed VP Given Prime Capitol Hill Post

• John Amick
That the revolving door between the U.S. government, both the executive or legislative branches, and the defense industry is alive and well is no secret. But chalk another one up for Capitol Hill. In addition to a top Northrop Grumman official joining the House Armed Services Committee in 2011 (after receiving a lucrative severance bonus on his way out) to oversee the very same weapons systems he lobbied for, now it's the Senate Armed Services Committee's turn.

The Project on Government Oversight reports:

Ann Elise Sauer, who left Lockheed last year, is now the Republican staff director at the Senate Armed Services Committee. The Committee oversees military spending, including major weapons systems that are central to Lockheed’s business.


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Comment by David Ricca
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Business as usual in Washington.

The only answer to this problem is "A Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution". Also, when you leave the Federal Government you can't work for a regulated industry for 5 year. Period. End of Discussion. This thing has been going on since the End of WW I. "War is a Racket" by Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler, 1936 tells the real story of the corruption within the War Business.

Everything in D.C. is For Sale.

I have no problem with a Strong National Defense on a Honest Playing Field. But, this is a "Rigged Deal" as we all know.