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Lifeguard gets bill after ocean rescue

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Seventeen-year-old John Clark, a senior at Hudson's Bay, says he didn't think twice about running into the ocean to save a drowning 12-year-old.

But what he hasn't stopped thinking about, is the bill he received as a result of his effort. 

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Comment by Don Duncan
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"The family is trying to make arrangements to get that bill paid."?? Why does the family believe they are responsible for being ripped off? Ok, maybe John should have asked for an estimate for services. But if you claim that, then John can bill the 12 year old for his services, charging enough to pay his bill plus a profit. And the 12 year old can sue the county for not posting a warning sign. Where does it all end? Who called for medical services? Obviously not John. Make the caller pay. Is the medical team a public service? Aren't they subsidized? What is needed is an investigation of how this system got so out of control. And a remedy. Not knowing the facts, I would venture a guess, based on my knowledge of politics. Remove all gov't intervention and let the market decide the cost of rescue and who pays.


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