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Crazy Weather: 'Virtually No Other Explanation Than Climate Change'

•, Common Dreams staff
 A statistical climate change analysis led by NASA's James Hansen, which will be presented in a report released Monday on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that recent extreme weather events are not anomalies, but rather the result of a systemic climate change patterns fueled by man-made global warming.
Hansen, the scientist who first put the term "global warming" in the public lexicon over two decades ago, said over the weekend that what's happening is not random or normal, but pure and simple climate change. "This is not some scientific theory. We are now experiencing scientific fact," Hansen told the Associated Press in an interview.

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Comment by Cody Hall
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Comments from Anthony Watts of in rebuttal to James Hansen's NASA animation:

Anthony comments on the  NASA animation by Dr. James Hansen of surface temperature trends from 1955-1999:    

There are many issues with this presentation. It seems to be a big Cherry Picking exercise.

1. Note all of the missing southern hemisphere data.  There are operating weather stations during his time, but they are excluded from the analysis. Why?

2. The period chosen, 1955-1999 leaves out the warmer 1930′s and the cooler 2000′s. Why?

3. The period from 2000-present has no statistically significant warming. Leaving that period out biases the presentation.

4. The period chosen exhibits significant postwar growth, urbanization is not considered.

5. As for severe weather, Hansen ignores the fact that neither tornadoes nor hurricanes have shown any increase recently. Only smaller tornadoes show an increase, due to reporting bias thanks to easily affordable and accessible technology.  NOAA’s SPC  reports that July 2012 seems to be at a record low for tornadoes.

6. My latest results in Watts et al 2012 suggest surface station data may be biased warmer over the last 30 years.

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