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Should Obama And Congress Be Arrested Under The NDAA?

•, John Aziz
 Welcome to the beautiful and surreal reality of life under American corporatism, under a Congress that churns out thousands and thousands of pages of (often contradictory) legislation a year.
If providing material assistance to al-Qaeda is illegal under the National Defence Authorization Act (2012), and Obama and
Congress are sending $25 million of aid to al-Qaeda-affiliated Syrian opposition, aren’t Congress and President Obama violating their own law? Should Obama (or at least the Justice Department) not be using “all necessary and appropriate force” including “the power to indefinitely detain” to prevent Obama and Congress from assisting al-Qaeda? Did anyone in Congress or the Obama administration even bother to read the law that they were signing? Do Federal laws no longer apply to lawmakers?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Oh, this is so exciting!

Under the NDAA law, whomever the secretive group might be that carries out the requirements of the NDAA law, just might legally remove all members of Government for some secret terrorist reason, and then legally remove all the American people from America for some other secretive, terrorist reason.

Who cares where they remove the Government people to, but they will remove the American people to their dictatorship rule. And they will do it by removing them right in the physical locations wherein the people now exist. The people will simply have a different Government over them... a dictatorship.

Probably, all the rest of the nations of the world - at least the ones where the citizens are strong enough to fight their Government - have had similar laws set in place so that the same thing will happen to them. So the whole world will come under the secretive group that controls the NDAA law activities.


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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All these self serving criminal puppets should be arrested under any circumstances period for treason and sedition and all the insidious atrocities they have supported and condoned if not directly committed themselves.


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