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Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War

•, by Amy Worthington
 North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous and dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted by the U.S. government under the guise of national security. Concerned citizens watch in fear as military tankers discolor the skies with toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic clouds.

We continually witness bizarre meteorological occurrences as powerful electromagnetic devices manipulate both the jet stream and individual storm fronts to create artificial weather and climatic conditions. Black operations projects embedded within these aerosol missions are documented to sicken and disorient select populations with biological test agents and psychotronic mind/mood control technologies.

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Comment by Ed Price
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A couple of thoughts, here.

First. Have you ever heard of a farmer's granary exploding? A standard, Midwest dairy farmer might grow oats or wheat or some other grain on a portion of his acreage. Some of it he uses to offset the feed he buys for his dairy herd. Some of it he sells. The farmer has a big, empty, water-tight (wet grain rots) building into which he "sprays" the harvested grain.

To get the grain into the granary, it is sprayed in by a high-speed impeller. Since everything in the operation is extremely dry, there is usually a lot of dust inside the granary during the operation. A person entering the granary during the spraying, must wear a special dust mask just to breathe.

The dust is the danger. A spark can ignite the dust causing an explosion that destroys the granary and kills anyone in the vicinity.

What does this have to do with chemtrails? Remember how years ago (before the U.S.S.R. broke up) some scientists were afraid that some nation might set off a powerful nuclear bomb in the atmosphere - one that would set the whole atmosphere ablaze? Well, all this particle spraying into the atmosphere might just be the catalyst we need to make this a real danger.


Second. Southeast Asia and Japan are having enough flooding that the World Bank is fearful of money problems. So, all of our drought certainly may be artificial, due to chemtrail spraying.

Comment by James Eldridge
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Wow. This makes my comments about chem trails pale in comparison to this information. - Could all of this drought and terrilbe storms be part of this spraying? I believe so. Now to get the other 98% of us 99% to look up and make the demands that this spraying stops. - Yeah, right Jim. On that one, I believe that the other 98% will not take any action because they will believe what the government says, and also that their own government would not do anything to kill them off. Oh, how people forget the history of the last centuries two world wars and the many that followed to this day.

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