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Wired reporter hack reveals perils of digital age

•, by Glenn Chapman
 Mat Honan laid out at in gripping detail how his "digital life was destroyed" right down to irreplaceable photos of his baby daughter. Honan next week is to share his quest to repair the damage.
 "The take-away from his bad experience is that people need to be careful with using an online service, especially a backup service," Lookout Mobile Security engineer Tim Strazzere told AFP on Friday.
 "The main part is to mitigate risk; he lost a lot of personal information." Basic hacker skills were combined with "social engineering," the art of sweet-talking someone like a customer service rep into bending rules during a phone call, to compromise Honan's Google, Twitter, and AppleID accounts.
Honan told of his @mat Twitter handle apparently being the coveted prize for hackers who deleted his Gmail account and erased the data from his iPhone, iPad and MacBook laptop computer to hide their trail.
 The data-wiping feature was created by Apple to let people protect digital information if devices are lost or stolen.

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