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A Marine Sergeant Speaks Out

• Lew Rockwell blog

When I first joined the military I was a good, George Bush conservative who wanted to serve my country. But after three deployments to the Middle East as an infantryman I came to several realizations.

First, how can I petition or demonstrate against the U.S. government for violating my freedoms here while I take those same freedoms from the people of Iraq and Afghanistan?

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Comment by James Eldridge
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"But after three deployments to the Middle East as an infantryman I came to several realizations." Its great that you came to these several realizatons, but how come it took you three deployments before you could see this? Just yesterday as I was watching the MSM news, there was mentioned in less then 10 seconds about the six U.S. military that were killed in Afghanistan in the past two days and then there was nothing more about it... Over and done with... and on to news about celeberities and their medals. I just hope that if you read this that I could hear from you that you are talking with others serving in the military and letting them know that they are doing all of this for the profit of corporations, damn be the soilders that die or are maimed for life. If the MSM thinks so little about the deaths of our military, just think what those in public office really care about when there are deaths. I bet the president never even heard about those new six deaths.

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