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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/13/12: Legalize Competing Currencies!


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Comment by Ed Price
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We as free people, individually, are not supposed to be under a Dictatorship or Monarchy. Constitutional mandates are for Government, alone, to follow.

Most people do not understand that they are NOT under a Dictatorship or Monarchy. Oh sure. They say that this is a Democracy or a Republic. But then they go out and act like it is a Dictatorship or Monarchy.

Ron Paul does NOT mean legalizing competing currencies for Government to follow. Rather, he is talking to a bunch of people who act like they believe they are under a Dictatorship or a Monarchy. He's trying to get them to see that there are other options than Dictatorship or Monarchy kind of thinking. And he is trying to get them to implement some of these other options. The one thing he CAN'T do to get them to change, is to tell them, directly to their face, that they don't even know what kind of a Government they have.

Most people just wouldn't believe it if you told them that they had voluntarily agreed to a central bank currency when they opened a bank account. They wouldn't have a clue about simple barter, or about Bitcoin, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, WebMoney, Pecunex, and a whole lot more. People are just beginning to understand about many of the advantages of PayPal (which in my opinion is just as bad as working with a central bank).

What else do you do to get a bunch of slaves to throw off their slavery? RP is making the best moves that anyone can possibly do within the confines of the legally, set-in-place Government... and the stupidity of the people.

Comment by Dennis Treybil
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 Once in my youth, my sister and I found ourselves at grandma's house for the day.  At some point, between phone calls, tv shows, drop-in visitors and playing with us, she sat at the table and began opening envelopes.  After perusing papers in each envelope, she would open a small book, write in it, tear out a page and stick it in another envelope with some of the papers from the first envelope.

"Whatcha' doin' grandma?" we asked.

"I'm paying my bills," was the immediate answer.

"Whatcha' usin' for money, grandma?"

"Oh, I'm not using money.  I write checks to pay my bills."

She offered no further explanation.  I remember thinking how great this was.  You could get electricity, gas, water, phones, etc. and all you had to do was acknowledge the provider by sending something called a check.

A few weeks later, we were at home and Mother was wringing her hands worrying. 

"What's wrong?" we asked.

"I don't know how we will ever pay all these bills."

"Well that's easy.  Just write checks.  That's what grandma does!'

(The astute reader will note that "our government" does the very same thing!)

Consider Article I Section 8 clause 5 from the constitution for the USoA:

Congress shall have power to . . .

 . . . coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

It's interesting that Paul decries delegation of this power to the federal reserve.  In this proposal he advocates delegating this power to multiple alternate sources of currency.  I did not hear him say anything about returning the power to Congress.

Consider the following statements from this installment in the straight talk from Texas series:

2:44  Restoring the monetary system envisioned by the Constitution is the only way to ensure the economic security of the American people.

3:32  Our current monetary system is indeed despotic.  And, the surest way to correct things is simply to legalize competing currencies.

Did the Constitution envision competing currencies?!

Paul labels the current monetary system "despotic".  To quote Spock:  Labels do not arguments make.

How devoutly I wish that to fix the money would be to fix the country!

DC Treybil


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