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No More Cuts! (a letter from Justin Raimondo of AntiWar.Com)


Dear Loyal Supporter,

It isn’t easy to think of ways to impress you with the importance of donating to I could point to the imminence of war with Iran or Syria, or I could point to our two "major" presidential contenders and the ominous signs that the election of either will mean yet more wars in our future.

But, hey, I’ve said all of that before, so I’ll just give it to you straight.

With the economy on life support, nonprofits like are facing a downward trend in contributions – and we are really feeling the pinch. We have had to make significant cuts, not the least of which was ending Radio, one of our most popular features. Scott Horton, the host, did a lot more than just that, however: he was a fact-checker, he added many of the links that appear in my columns, and he made life a lot easier for our writers with his extensive knowledge and skeptical temperament.

As donations began to sink, along with our economy, we just couldn’t afford him anymore – and, after much agonizing, we reluctantly let him go. This loss really hits me where I live, because Scott was an important resource for me: his fact-checking was an invaluable asset, and his departure adds a couple of hours to my workload each and every day.

It gets worse, however, because unless our donations pick up, more cutbacks are in the pipeline.

This is very bad for both us and our readers. We’ve never enjoyed a level playing field in our battle against the War Party; they’ve always had the advantage of an unlimited budget and routine access to the "mainstream" media. Now, however, we’re in an uphill battle just to keep going.

This is a make-or-break situation for us. Our biggest donors are reducing their contributions because they just can’t spare the cash. We’ve been given notice to tighten our belts – but we’ve run out of belt holes.

I always dread these fundraisers, which we must run four times a year, but this time, dread has turned into outright horror as I contemplate what will happen if we don’t make it.

We certainly don’t expect to be able to fight the War Party on equal terms. They have unlimited resources, while we, on the other hand, have anything but. We don’t need much, but we do need a basic minimum to keep the ship afloat, and at present, even that is lacking.

Your donation, by the way, is 100% tax-deductible, so please give as much as you can, as soon as you can. Don’t let the Web’s top antiwar site go down. Send the War Party a message by donating now.

For peace and liberty,

Justin Raimondo
Editorial Director


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