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Lew Rockwell Suggests Ron Paul Will Appear via Recorded/Edited Video at the RNC


It's brilliant politics for the Romulans to substitute a YouTube at their convention for an appearance by the real Ron Paul; that way, they control the Ron who will be seen, in their ongoing attempt to coopt the Ron Paul movement into Neocon Party II.

The video will talk about Ron as a wonderful family man who delivered 4,000 babies; a long-term fighter for lower spending, a balanced budget, and Fed transparency, just like Romney and Ryan; a great congressional baseball player; and a super guy.

Austrian economics? War? Interventionism? The CIA? Militarism? The police state? Corporatism? Torture? Concentration camps? Sound money? Sound banking? Secret arrests and imprisonment? What are those? Oh, and Ron--the final message will be--don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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I have to admit, something just DOES NOT ADD UP!  Why did so many Liberty-loving Americans donate their hard-earned cash to Ron Paul's Campaign for President?  Well, PART of the reason was because we actually thought he was "IN IT, TO WIN IT" (but, apparently, that is simply NOT the case, as this article clearly shows).

I strongly suggest we all join the 'No Confidence Party', in this 2012 Presidential "Election" dog-and-pony show, and just stay home.  You can learn more about the 'No Confidence Party' here:

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