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'A Sudden Increase in Extreme Weather Events': The New Big Lie

•, by James Delingpole

The Warmists are getting desperate. Their attempt to make much of the Muller non-story backfired horribly. Their yarn about melting Greenland turned out to be ludicrously overdone. Then, of course, there was Watts et al's paper showing that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – the US government department responsible for keeping tabs on America's temperature data – has been fiddling the data so as to exaggerate late 20th-century warming by 100 per cent.

So what ingenious ruse have the Warmists alighted upon to disguise the awkward fact that they are losing every important scientific argument going? Simple: they've now decided that whenever the weather does anything extreme anywhere in the world, it's another sign of Climate Change.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Yes. This clearly explains the current drought conditions, the record low, and getting lower, arctic ice conditions. The fact that every single species that can move to cooler climates, including plants is doing so by either moving north or moving up. 

It explains why we have record numbers of record high temperatures, why all ice in rivers and lakes form later and melt earlies, if it forms at all.

Oh wait. A cooler (according to the cited reports) US does not actually explain that does it. Perhaps this report itself is a lie

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