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We Inherited Our Freedom, Now It’s Up to All of Us To Fight for It

•, by Mac Slavo
 For some years now we’ve been covering the development of the remake for the 1984 hit Red Dawn.
Originally titled Red Dawn 2009, the release was delayed for a number of reasons that included digitally altering the communist red threat from an invasion of the mainland United States by the People’s Republic of China, to a less believable but likely to be equally entertaining, North Korean foe. The cost to make the movie politically correct in an effort to appease the United States’ key money lender came to a reported $1 million. Then, the movie was hit with major budgetary issues as its production company went through bankruptcy proceedings; the release was delayed indefinitely much to the chagrin of Red Dawn 1984 fanatics.

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"The government should fear the people. Not voting is a good beginning toward instilling that fear."  JOIN THE 'NO CONFIDENCE PARTY' (NCP) AND STAY HOME ON NOV. 6th!  (Unless, of course, Ron Paul is NOMINATED at the RNC, and makes it onto the November Ballot)

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