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Parting Company With Nigel Farage and Suggesting a New Role

•, by Anthony Wile

Nigel Farage has provided us with an eye-opening interview over at Eric King's "King News." He makes some blunt statements, even for him.

In this article, I'll take the opportunity first to congratulate him, then to part company and suggest a new role he might consider. The new role is based on a cheesy movie (see above) and a president (Abraham Lincoln) who was disastrous for US freedom. But it's a good role, nonetheless!

First, I want to express my admiration for Farage, not because he is a courageous politician – a kind of contradiction in terms – but because he is someone who regularly speaks truth to power.

Anyone who has seen the many YouTube videos of Farage standing up to the EU political establishment, speaking eloquently in Parliament without notes about the corruption and disenfranchisement of the European public, has got to come away with some feeling for the man.

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