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Imperialist Adventurism: Payback for America’s Unholy Military Alliance

•, by Finian Cunningham

The Western-instigated and Turk, Saudi, Israeli-backed terrorist monster running amok in the Middle East could turn out to be the mother of all chickens that comes home to roost for these powers.

When the late African-American civil rights leader Malcolm X was asked in 1963 about the assassination of President John F Kennedy, he said it was akin to “chickens coming home to roost”.

The statement provoked widespread condemnation among the US mainstream media and political establishment for its apparent callousness. However, Malcolm X was vilified then for simply bearing an unpalatable, but nevertheless truthful message. The fact was that Kennedy, like all US leaders before and after, was engaged in sanctioning violence, covert wars and assassination of foreign political figures. Malcolm X was merely telling it like it is: if you play with fire, then eventually you get burned.

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