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Colonizing Mars

• arclein
Thus using simple well known technology, it is possible to install the entire population of Earth inside a few cubic miles. This applies to almost any small planet out there and is surely the safest strategy anyway. It is also inevitable that any alien group setting up shop in a solar system will do precisely that. Taking it further, we should be checking for aliens underfoot instead of

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Comment by Ed Price
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Don't show any pictures of the wide open vistas on earth to any of the billions born in the underground luxury chambers on Mars. Plenty of them will be thinking, already, that there has to be something better than this. The pictures of wide open green earth will make them go mad with envy and desire.

If we colonize Mars like this because of some great disaster on earth, the shrewd, scheming power-elite on earth will be selling the idea to the simple minded that Mars caverns is the only way of keep from dying. And the simple minded people will believe them out of fear. It's the kind of thing that is happening all around the world today, with Governments using propaganda and fear to keep their simple minded citizenry in line.