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The assault on freedom is just beginning

•, Simon Black
Somewhere beneath the English Channel

I’m writing this letter to you whilst throttling at a high rate of speed somewhere beneath the English Channel en route to Paris.

My ultimate destination is actually Tunisia, where I will spend the next few days on the ground checking out how the country has fared since its revolution last year.

Granted, having spent the last several days in London, it would have been much easier if I had simply flown from Heathrow airport to Tunis… yet I’ve deliberately taken this much slower route.

Why? Because the British government is doing its damnedest to outdo the US as the WORST place to travel in, out, and through in the entire world. And if you plan on traveling, this is important information to know.

In the UK, the government is in the process of installing body scanners at all airports. And unlike in the US and the rest of Europe, you cannot opt-out. If they tell you to go through the scanner, you have to go through the scanner… or else you don’t fly. 

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