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Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose

•, by FreiwilligFrei
 "What you hear in this video is from the audiobook of "The Iron Web," a novel I wrote years ago. (The printed book and audiobook are at These are the words of a fictional character in the book, and he says quite a bit more. And yes, the character is rather harsh in his condemnation of state-worship, but for a reason. If you have the story context of who is saying it, where, when, and why, some of it makes more sense. Many thanks to FreiwilligFrei for making this video."
Larken Rose
The „rulers" actually don't matter. They are vastly outnumbered by the people like you and me. The problem is those who legitimate the "rulers" with their votes, remaining silent when the "rulers" commit evils in their names.

Most of them do not feel bad about that. Many of them even cheer and applaude to their "rulers" and they defend the crimes they commit.

Larken Rose is looking for answers to this absurd behavior and blames the concept of authority. From early childhood most people are conditioned to listen to authority when they try to figure out what is right and what is wrong instead of listening to their own hearts, their own conscience and their own moral values.

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Comment by Arty Choke
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As stated clearly in a couple of comments below, I am beginning to doubt what kind of "moral standard" left-leaning Libertarian editors of are following in running this website. My question is, does promote WRONGDOING or the COMMISSION OF A CRIME not just against the Government but against the American public by encouraging or publishing a "criminal mind" that "urges" or prompts readers to hurt government people and/or "shoot cops dead"? [Listen to this clandestine video which is probably on top of the FBI Watch List.] Do we not stand witnesses to this shadowy intention of which we don’t want any part of it? I am disquieted with this dangerous development.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Who would listen to this "dirty talk" [voting cattle?] of a hateful TAX FELON – an ex-convict out for revenge, shouting with vengeance [this bitterness is in his video] -- advising readers not to steal the people's money -- admonishing them not to do what the Government is doing in the form of taxation [to him taxation is "robbery"] when he himself was arrested and jailed for stealing money that belongs to the Government [back taxes he was supposed to pay the Government but kept them and used them to feed himself and his family and to finance his business for several years and covered it up by giving the IRS mentally-retarded excuses]???

I join others in criticizing what this website is doing, i.e. Does this not make the website an accomplice for not just publishing but in fact for headlining a criminal mind that incites the public to commit a crime -- like persuading a thug or driving malcontents who hate the Government, to kill government officials as well as prompting and begging the public to shoot cops dead?

Comment by Ed Price
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The thing that makes state-worship so appealing goes something like this.

The problem with ALL people is that along with the goodness in their hearts, there comes at least a little bit of larceny, and a little bit of unforgiveness. Everyone defrauds his neighbor, slightly, in some ways, at least a little bit, once in awhile. Even the most loving, caring person offends someone sometime. And even the most forgiving person holds a grudge for a little while, once in awhile.

Innocent, loving, good people look at other people. They see something of themselves in other people. Other people have bodies like they do - head, trunk, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc.. So it is easy to assume that these other people have good in their hearts, as well. BUT THERE ARE A FEW PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT DON'T HAVE VERY MUCH GOOD IN THEIR HEARTS. SOME OF THOSE OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOWNRIGHT BAD.

The state has appeal to good people, because they can use the it to get the dirty work of protecting themselves from the bad people done, without actually participating in the dirty work themselves. At least, it seems like it works this way to them, in their consciences, and for awhile.

The problem comes about when the state itself becomes filled with BAD people. When this happens, what are the good people going to do to protect themselves from the BAD people in Government? Looks like they are going to have to "dirty" their hands after all. They are going to have to do "bad" things to BAD Government people just to protect themselves. They are going to have to beat the crap out of a bunch of BAD Government people, maybe just to survive.

There are two other things that good people can do. They can become slaves of the Government people, or they can roll over and die.

Comment by Ana Panot
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At least Kim Dryer is right -- there is something wrong with this website ... loves to headline this convicted tax felon as if his "dirty talk" serves as a "model" of what this website wanted to be.  If you ask me, I can't stand it!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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"Banned" is a kind word Obamanistas used.

Obama banned this video because it is circulated by a confirmed lunatic. Trashcans in the corners of the streets have a better claim of this video. It is of public knowledge that Larken Rose is a tax felon, convicted of tax fraud [tax evasion]. This sad, painful and ugly experience made him so bitter that he wanted to shoot all cops dead ... at least in this video he calls everybody and the State "thugs", and declares  taxation as a form of "robbery" that the Government commits. He is inconsistent and delirious ...he advises not to steal the people's money like what the State does -- but that was exactly what he did when he was arrested and sent to jail [stole tax money ... actually back taxes that belonged to the Government]. This "ex-convict" has more dark secrets ... skeletons in the closet if you may when you google him or take him out in the Internet. Only loonies or the mentally retarded would listen to him talks dirty as he does, in this video. 

Comment by Ed Price
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