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Strange, Unexplained Solar Influence Over Earth's Radioactive Material Could Herald Solar Flares

• Rebecca Boyle via

A mystifying trick of the sun, inappropriately interfering with particles on Earth, could be used as an early-warning system for solar flares, a new study says. With enough warning, satellites, telecommunications infrastructure and even orbiting astronauts can take cover from our star's worst radioactive eruptions.

This all goes back to 2006, when physicists at Purdue, Stanford and other places noticed something that at first defied physical explanation: Radioactive elements were changing their decay rates. This flew in the face of long-accepted physics theory, which held that these rates are constant. Radioactive decay apparently grew more pronounced in winter than in summer, and when scientists went looking for an explanation, they noticed this appeared to correlate with solar flares.

Last year, we learned from Purdue physicist Ephraim Fischbach that this kept happening. He noticed a change in the radioactive decay rate of a manganese isotope, and also tied it to a solar flare that happened a night before. So that meant something came out of the sun, went through the Earth, hit a piece of manganese-54 and changed the rate at which it decays into chromium-54, spewing out ionizing particles. This also happened to an isotope called chlorine-36, in different experiments at different labs. The unusual decay change has happened during 10 solar flares since 2006, and the song remains the same.

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