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Preppers on Vacation

•, by Tess Pennington

Think about your absolute worst case scenario SHTF event….and then think about it happening while you are at Disneyworld.

Or in Hawaii.

Or on a road trip to the middle of nowhere.

Or bicycling through Tuscany.

As a prepper, have you considered what would happen if the poo hit the oscillating blades while you were on vacation? No matter how well prepared you are, how much food you have stored, or how armed to the teeth you are, if you aren’t where your preps are, they aren’t going to do you one lick of good.

Sometimes I think of this chilling fact and it makes me never want to leave my general vicinity. Because the fact of the matter is, in the world we live in today, anything could happen at any time. My feelings of security for myself and my family are in place due to my preparedness.

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