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Spy Car Protects Against Unscrupulous Cops


After a couple of negative interactions with what he calls “unscrupulous cops”, Rick took the initiative to outfit his ride with some cutting-edge technology.

And he founded Veterans Against Police Abuse to encourage others to do the same – use technology to create a transparent record of interactions. That, he says, is the surest way to bring-about a safer society.

To learn more about the technology in Rick’s ride, check out this page on his site, which includes links to many of the devices housed in his car.

Rick also notes his excitement about an app he’s involved with developing called iCitizen, which

will 1) secure vital evidence and 2) activate a community network to help ensure law enforcement interaction with an individual is lawful, and to help provide accountability if it is not, and 3) collect and present analytical data on the nature of law enforcement interaction.

It was awesome to have crossed-paths with Rick at the Police Accountability Summit in Austin and to learn of his proactivity. I’m really glad too that he took the time to give an overview of his set-up as it’ll undoubtedly encourage some to take steps to better-protect themselves against those unscrupulous road pirates.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Read my comment below, and then think about the Terminator movies, and especially the Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles series.

We don't have some futuristic Skynet computer defense system trying to take us down. The "robots" of the Skynet future are often visible in our everyday lives in the form of law enforcement... the police.

Comment by Ed Price
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In addition, push a button under the dash, and eight of your AI controlled, bullet proof, hover drones depart you vehicle and waft themselves aloft to strategic heights and locations to record the whole situation from every angle.

Actually, this is a little futuristic. But maybe not so futuristic as someone might think. Could your hover drones be armed? Would there be a battle between yours and those of the police? What about when the Cop Block civilian teams arrive to observe the whole thing... with their hover drones recording everything (and fighting as well?)?