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How Do We Change the System?

• Matthew Schnackenberg
To change the system of government, we must first gain a much louder voice. A voice that simply "being that other party" tends to lack. Generally, we do not even have to switch parties to assist gaining that voice. There is a growing number of youthful individuals that have read Dr. Paul's works, and realized the current political hierarchy has screwed them over. They are the ones hearing the need for candidates......

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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There is no way you can change the System from good to bad, and in the case of the so-called Ron Paul R3volution for change, from bad to worse. The American people will never allow it.

ANYONE with a mental illness [National Health Institute] or anybody sporting a violent militia mentality [hates the U.S. Federal Government and the State so much as if there is no tomorrow] who dangerously monkeys with the System gets collared by the FBI or nabbed by our government security agents for national security reason, and for the general protection of the American public.

Ron Paul and his elves wanted to change or recreate America – shut it out from the outside world and turn the country into a virtual RECLUSE; wants a new United States without a Central Bank [wanted to land his boots on Dr. Ben Bernanke’s behind and like the Terror of Iran is brandishing his orifice-sword to wipe the U.S. Federal Reserve off the map].

Ron Paul and his followers from the "lunatic fringe" [New Hampshire newspaper] wanted a United States without an IRS and Income tax; he wanted the concept of liberty and freedom altered to include the liberty and freedom of innocent and ignorant rural folks, to DRINK RAW MILK and spread an epidemic of that dreaded disease caused by Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria which on record killed farmers and their families; he is also a defender of the freedom of terrorists to kill Americans and destroy America [on record he blamed the American people for that 911 infamy, not the Al Qaeda terrorists who perpetrated the carnage, thus earned his notoriety as a defender of terrorists …These are all on record.

Change the System to that end in a Ron Paul revolutionary way? That’s insane! No, nooooo way, Jose! The American people WILL NEVER, NEVER tolerate it!

It is my opinion and also that of many observers that this hype-publicity about this tired old man from Texas [he is always headlined in this website] being used by his profiteering sponsors like a doormat to gain entry to the door of self-enrichment, so to speak, is only for commercial purposes – for monetary contributions or supposedly donated campaign money … an election eyesore, especially to the coming Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. It is Romney’s heavy Cross to bear in his climb to the Calvary of U.S. presidency. This Ron Paul heavyweight burden is so hefty and crippling on Romney’s back the poor guy might not make it!

Comment by Ed Price
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Terrorism has to do with someone being afraid. You know, like terror.

What thing would be spoken with the louder voice, that might change society in the direction of libertarianism?

Are you afraid of the person you pass while walking on the sidewalk? You might be if you live in the inner big city. You might be if you are carrying $10,000 in your money belt while walking without a trusted friend or two along.

Very often you ignore the other people walking down the sidewalk, both those going your way and the ones coming towards you. That is a libertarian society. Peaceful coexistence. We have it already. Anything that breaks up our natural libertarian society, virtually only happens when fear is injected into the masses. The injection of fear is what terrorism is all about.

The word "society" is indicative of socialism. At times it is an enemy that introduces terrorism/fear. At times it is the Government that introduces terrorism/fear. At times it is the news media that introduces terrorism/fear. At times self-proclaimed libertarians introduce terrorism/fear. At times the introduction of fear is warranted. At other times it is not.

Before speaking libertarianism with a louder voice, get a better background on the nature of people, and on the nature of nature. Read the Bible several times, Blackstone at least once, and peruse Bovier's Legal Maxims. From them you will gain a knowledge of both nature, and the nature of people. You will often see terrorism around the corner at the same time you see "libertarian society" in the making... so that you know how to say something about libertarianism, with a louder voice, intelligently.

Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
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Don, there is a a reason I'm an anarcho-libertarian and do not consider myself an anarchist. I do not see a stateless society being possible til society is educated to understand their rights and lack of need for government. Statelessness is at the end of the road, libertarianism is the road itself. First we need to get people to start walking on the road again.

Comment by Don Wills
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Schnackenberg could have written this naive tome 40 years ago as nothing has essentially changed to move the people toward an "anarcho-libertarian" society in that time. Education is the great placebo of libertarians. You can't "educate" somebody to the "rightness" of your philosophy if they simply don't believe it. Education is mostly a waste of time. The key to changing society isn't having a "louder voice". The key is to gain power. Yep, the old anathema of anarchists - power. While anarchists continue to shun gaining power, they continue to fail to change society. What's ridiculous is that anarchists simply don't understand or won't accept the truism that he who rules makes the rules. Believing in a fairly land that has no rules is simply stupid.

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