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Fmr. Marine Arrested By FBI For Patriotic Facebook Posts!



Just in on the Josh Tolley Show. Interview with mom. He talked about how the Govt. lies. WAS NOT READ HIS RIGHTS! SENT TO A PSYCH HOSPITAL

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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There is no way you can change the System from good to bad, and in the case of the so-called Ron Paul R3volution for change, from bad to worse. The American people will never allow it.

ANYONE with a mental illness [National Health Institute] or anybody sporting a violent militia mentality [hates the U.S. Federal Government and the State so much as if there is no tomorrow] who dangerously monkeys with the System gets collared by the FBI or nabbed by our government security agents for national security reason, and for the general protection of the American public.

Ron Paul and his elves wanted to change or recreate America – shut it out from the outside world and turn the country into a virtual RECLUSE; wants a new United States without a Central Bank [wanted to land his boots on Dr. Ben Bernanke’s behind and like the Terror of Iran is brandishing his orifice-sword to wipe the U.S. Federal Reserve off the map].

Ron Paul and his followers from the "lunatic fringe" [New Hampshire newspaper] wanted a United States without an IRS and Income tax; he wanted the concept of liberty and freedom altered to include the liberty and freedom of innocent and ignorant rural folks, to DRINK RAW MILK and spread an epidemic of that dreaded disease caused by Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria which on record killed farmers and their families; he is also a defender of the freedom of terrorists to kill Americans and destroy America [on record he blamed the American people for that 911 infamy, not the Al Qaeda terrorists who perpetrated the carnage, thus earned his notoriety as a defender of terrorists …These are all on record.

Change the System to that end in a Ron Paul revolutionary way? That’s insane! No, nooooo way, Jose! The American people WILL NEVER, NEVER tolerate it!

It is my opinion and also that of many observers that this hype-publicity about this tired old man from Texas [he is always headlined in this website] being used by his profiteering sponsors like a doormat to gain entry to the door of self-enrichment, so to speak, is only for commercial purposes – for monetary contributions or supposedly donated campaign money … an election eyesore, especially to the coming Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. It is Romney’s heavy Cross to bear in his climb to the Calvary of U.S. presidency. This Ron Paul heavyweight burden is so hefty and crippling on Romney’s back the poor guy might not make it!

Comment by Chip Saunders
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I looked at his Facebook  page and the only possible posting there to be interpretted in any way was on Aug. 10th, (5 days before his arrest) that says "The Revolution is about to start."


Considering he is a member of the Ron Paul Revolution movement, it seems plain that he was referring to the culmination of the election drama at the Ron Paul event in Tampa during the convention.


If they are actually holding him for that post, I think they got some law suit coming their way.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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