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Paul Ryan's ATROCIOUS Record on Civil Liberties and the Constitution

•, by sharkhearted
 Update. I had posted this, and had not yet seen that Ben Swann had produced a video and called Congressman Ryan out on the same illogical quote (you will see it below). But, it goes to show, Americans are starting to wake up. My post:

I am sure Congressman Ryan is a nice guy. However, his voting record on items related to the Constitution and civil liberties, is anything but nice.

I am sure the congressman is good with his own money, even while, as a "conservative", he had no problem taking by force $800 Billion of the taxpayer's money and distributing it to all the millionaires at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and friends.

In fact, the congressman is on record on the house floor...begging for TARP to be passed. Here was his quote from the floor that day: "Madame speaker, this bill [TARP] offends my principles. But I am going to vote for this bill, in order to preserve my principles, in order to preserve this free enterprise system."


Congressman Ryan let me ask you a question: Would Ayn Rand--whom you give credit to inspiring your career into politics--approve of TARP...or the fact that you, being true to Objectivism (not!), voted for something that offends your principles, so you can "preserve" your principles??

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