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Lemonade and Raw Milk Rebels (Video)

• The International Libertarian
They came to Washington DC from cities and small towns, from near and far, to break the law. Their crime? Selling raw milk and lemonade without permits nor licenses. Fortunately, the civil disobedience went well. Unlike last year the police didn't interfere and the protest went off with no one arrested.

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Comment by Darren Wolfe
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Thank you Nazis for commenting on my video. You discredit yourselves with this nonsense about concentration camps. Freiheit.

Comment by Steve Duncan
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Being a soldier not just a lawyer, Brag has a well-rounded background about the legality of  boot camps and national security. I agree with him that those health “rebels”, not necessarily of what they can do but because of their ignorance, are dangerous they need to be “quarantined” for national security reason, and for the safety of the public.


Comment by Ana Panot
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Brag, thanks for this comment well said. Even though it might be an exercise in futility, keep on educating those from the "lunatic fringe" -- whose capacity to understand is nil -- if you can, and merit a smile from Heaven, as well as my heartfelt thanks and appreciations.

Comment by Boston Releigh
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Those handful of ignorant lemonade and raw milk REBELS from the bayou, have been arrested last year for endangering the lives of the population through the spread of the disease by commercializing and drinking them without government license and government-health inspection, pasteurization and approval.

Uninspected raw milk carries the deadly bacteria -- Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria – that on record, had killed a lot of drinkers, especially from the rural areas.

In this video, those ignorant cuckoo rebels avoid mentioning those dangerous bacteria that kill people in an epidemic that spread like wildfire.

Notice in this video that they don't understand WHY they are raided, arrested and hauled to jail -- to them it is a violation of their freedom when prohibited to drink unpasteurized raw milk that kill people when the bacteria are in it because it did not pass any government health inspection and FDA licensing -- just like how Ron Paul grabbed the headline that he wanted when he speechified in public that it is the farmers’ liberty and freedom to drink raw milk no matter what the outcome would be. He is only after their votes.

"Unelectable" [nuisance] politicians like Ron Paul, vehemently protest against the Government 's arrest of people who exercise their right to liberty and freedom to drink raw milk and spread an epidemic, including that of the liberty and freedom of terrorists to kill and destroy! For as long as it is liberty and freedom, even though it includes that of terrorists and murderers, those marginal anti-Government politicians are for it and in there.


To control those discards from the "lunatic fringe" [I quote the New Hampshire newspaper] more effectively as a matter of national security and public safety, the Government should construct a National Concentration Camp where they all should be QUARANTINED as a threat to my health and yours and to our families, and that of the general public! The fortified and well-guarded health garrison should be some kind of a Boot Camp or Re-education Camp where they will learn how to get rid of their IGNORANCE, and become no longer a threat to society.

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