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Obama fears 'nightmare' if Romney wins

 The book, "Obama's Last Stand," also charges that Obama considers challenger Mitt Romney "too weak" to be president, USA Today reported.

Author Glenn Thrush describes Obama as describing his GOP opponent as "too weak to stand up to his own money men, too weak to defend his own moderate record as the man who signed into law the first health insurance mandate as Massachusetts governor in 2006, too weak to admit Obama had done a single thing right as president."

Thrush wrote that presidential aides told him Obama fears a "nightmare scenario in which Romney beat him, Republicans won both house [of Congress] and two liberal Supreme Court justices quickly departed the bench."

Aides said Obama has a "great uneasiness" that Romney will win and take credit for the president's successes, including an anticipated economic recovery in the next four years, Thrush reported.

"I'm not going to let him win ... so that he can take all the credit when economy turns around," Obama told his aides in a meeting, the book said.

The book is part of a series of e-books on the campaign from the staff at Politico, the USA Today report said.

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