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End the Empire

• Lew Rockwell blog
The reason for the domestic suppression is because the empire cannot expand overseas if its domestic population is not under firm control. The driving force in domestic suppression is the goal of world empire. 

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Comment by Ana Panot
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Thanks for this warning. I am holding my ground. These guys are NUTS.  They think they are talking to babies in diapers!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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The ENEMY’S analysis, which accuses the United States of being a bloody evil "Empire" up to dominate the world, was used by the writer coming from an ENEMY country... IRAN! It is published by an anti-Government website – The LRC blog []. The writer Mike Rozeff is a radical anti-American IRANIAN.

You must know that the ENEMY of the STATE finds a comfortable home in this website.


Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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What "Empire"? We have already ended the "Soviet Empire"! That has been long gone!

If you are talking about the "U.S. Empire", THERE IS NO SUCH THING …This is for mentally bankrupt people to understand because I’ll tell you what: An "Empire" is a "Kingdom" or a "Domain" of which "dominated" countries pay tribute to the Emperor, as in the old "Roman Empire". The United States of America is the OPPOSITE of "Empire". The United States breaks up the dominance of countries by despotic rulers around the world whose ambition is to create an "Empire" they can rule, especially over those weak and poor nations they can easily dominate … then after breaking them up the democratic U.S. Government pays tribute to the weak and helpless in the form of International Aid so that the dispossessed will stand up on their own feet and be strong again.

You hardly know and understand the country where you live. How can you be so wrong is what baffles me.

Comment by Ed Martin
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@ Pure Trust

Screw what the founding fathers were trying to do. Get rid of the "government" and I'll buy my protection from Walmart or whoever might be offering it.

Comment by Ed Price
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Be very careful that while you are ending the empire, you are only reforming the Government. If you are not careful, you might accidentally end the one thing that is protecting us in many ways - the Government.

When the founding fathers put Government together, they had never really done it like this before. In fact, our form of Government may have never existed in the past, anywhere, anytime. Yet, it has worked out reasonably well up to recently.

Reform the Government by ending the empire. Get into what the founding fathers were attempting to do, look at what they did, look at history to see where the failures lie, and then reform the Government by eliminating the causes of the failures, without changing the goals of the founding fathers.

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