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Crazy Facts About The Mindset Of College Freshmen Today

•, Rob Manker
 If you've never seen an actual airline ticket (no, that's not the same as a boarding pass), never mailed a first-class letter for less than 30 cents and never known Los Angeles to have a pro football team, then you might be an incoming college freshman.

So says the latest Beloit College Mindset List, which attempts to summarize what members of the Class of 2016 know—and what they don't—by referencing the cultural touchstones that have come and/or gone in their lifetime.

The list, released Tuesday, is a collection of references to pop culture (Justin Bieber and Dakota Fanning are their age), politics (a woman has run the U.S. State Department for much of their lives) and technology (their world has always existed in cyberspace).

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