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Full text, Brandon Raub’s proclamation: Take our Republic Back - Full Text of Brandon Raub's Pro

• WTVR.comm, Alix Bryan
Full text of an on-line proclamation by Brandon Raub, posted Veteran's Day of 2011 (11/11/11). The same person who wrote this article is now in a mental ward. I, and likely others who frequent, sympathize with all of what he writes here, and subscribe to (or at least entertain) better than 85% of it. I see no menacing language whatever in it. What's this guy doing in a mental ward? Is any activist safe?!

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Concerning the title of the article linked in Powell's comment, if the USoA was in fact operating as an actual republic (where the people hold sovereign power), Raub would be at home continuing his posts - if there were anything to post about.  If the people at large actually had a say in these wars, if a Congressional declaration were actually required or sought, how many of the recent military adventures would have been undertaken?

But I digress.

The title of the article and the actions (or lack thereof by its ranking members) is yet another indication of why the party should not be confused with the concept embodied in its name.

DC Treybil 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The Silent Republicans


Comment by Dennis Treybil
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To be clear, this was Raub's Veteran's Day post.  This is not the post for which he was taken into custody.

In another post, he included a phrase to the effect:

Sharpen my axe.  I'm here to sever heads.

This is pretty strong language.  However, it strongly resembles  lyric by a group called Swollen Member:

Sharpen up my axe and I am back, I'm here to sever heads

The name of the song that includes this lyric is Bring Me Down.  Complete lyrics available here:

As yet, I have not seen the complete post for which Raub was arrested.  Still, if his Veteran's Day post is any indication, this is probably not someone who belongs in jail, at least not if he can routinely achieve the mindset reflected in that Veteran's Day post.

DC Treybil

Comment by Ed Price
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There are several possibilities regarding this whole thing.

1. Raub was in the Middle East fighting. He may have been in the vicinity of sop-secret or embarrassing-to-the-military operations or happenings over there. He may not have even known what he was in. But the military needs to know what he does know, and how he is going to treat it. And they have to do it in such a way that will not cause any of the info to come to light, or even the fact that there was anything going on at all!

2. Once you are in the military, you are in for life. A discharge can be reversed, especially in the Marines or Special Forces. Generally you are safe from reprimand until you know that a discharge has been reversed. Combine this with the NDAA and the info in #1, above, and you have a good case test for the strength of the NDAA.

3. This might be the place where the NDAA is intentionally being tested. Probably there are a few other test cases around that are similar in circumstances to this one, but we simply haven't heard about them yet.

4. In the event that the simple writings that are stated in the article are the real reason for Raub's problems, it is a fear versus fear thing. Gov or the Military fear that freedom is growing too fast for them to maintain the kind of control that they want. In their fear, they are trying to cause fear among us... fear so that we will not continue with the straight-forward kinds of writings that Raub did. Note, Raub's writings are straight-forward, without all kinds of emotional sales wording. This kind of simple wording appeals to the simple-minded masses.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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You MUST be joking1  I was expecting an Anders Brevik-style diatribe, a tirade, SOMETHING...

But THIS is what they took this Marine for?



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