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Montgomery on Noah

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Some rock formations millions of years old show no evidence of such large-scale water erosion. Montgomery is convinced any such flood must have been, at best, a regional event, perhaps a catastrophic deluge in Mesopotamia. There are, in fact, Mesopotamian stories with details very similar, but predating, the biblical story of Noah's Flood.

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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From somewhere, I think it was Jaynes' Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Conscious Mind, I have it that the Black Sea was recently flooded, geologically speaking.  During the ice ages, you could walk across what is now the English channel and the Black Sea was empty.  As the ice melted and the sea levels rose, at some point a barrier between the Black Sea and other bodies of water was breached.  At first it was a trickle.  Between the erosion of that barrier and the steadily rising sea levels, that trickle is thought to have become a flood.  It is estimated that it took 100 years to fill the Black Sea.  Sea levels worldwide are estimated to have dropped one foot as a result of filling the Black Sea basin.

Before that happened, people lived in the Black Sea basin.  It is believed that very few individuals ever got more than 5 miles from where they were born.  But the rising waters forced multiple mini-migrations.  People at lower elevations began to mingle with individuals who lived at higher elevations.  Language was much more local then than now.  You didn't have to move far before you had to become bilingual.

This was one of the pressure points that Jaynes believed led to the form of consciousness now practiced.

All the above is from memory of a book I read in the early 90's.  According to the related wiki article at:

a series of earthquakes around the Mediterranean was the driver.

At any rate, the filling of the Black Sea basin is yet another even that may (or may not) have contributed to mid-eastern flood stories.

DC Treybil

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