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Samson Seal ?

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Geographically, politically, and culturally, the legends surrounding Samson are set in this time period, also known as the period of the Judges, prior to the establishment of kingship in ancient Israel. The area of Beth Shemesh was a cultural meeting point where Philistines, Canaanites, and Israelites lived in close proximity, maintaining separate identities ad cultures. Samson's stories skip across these cultural borders, Dr.

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One need NOT do exhaustive research to find that the Old Testament has been copied accurately by the Hebrew scribes, over the approximately 2,400 years since the last of canonical portion of it was written. One also will find that the canonical O.T. - the one that includes writings about Samson - is considered by the Jewish rabbis as real and true. At the same time, they (the rabbis) generally consider the apocryphal books of the O.T. to be anecdotal folk stories, having their base in some form of truth, but not the actual happenings themselves.

The beauty of the Hebrew Old Testament is that there are many hand-copied copies (from before the time of the printing press) in existence, many times the number of any other book. In fact, when you research it, you will find that the number is staggering - maybe impossible - considering the accuracy involved. Why might this be important? Ask yourself, what could be so important and compelling that would cause scribes to do this kind of copying with the Old Testament, and NOBODY did ANYTHING approaching this with any other books - religious or non-religious - that we have record of?

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