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.... I Can't Vote For A Fiscal Conservative Without Also Supporting Religious Aggressives

•, Henry Blodget

In the case of Romney and Ryan specifically, of course, the "fiscal conservative" label is a joke.

Ryan's "fiscal conservatism" isn't expected to balance our budget until the 2030s--and even that requires heroic growth assumptions along the way.

Romney, meanwhile, appears to want to give everyone in America an across-the-board 20% tax cut without cutting much, if anything, from government spending. So all the Romney plan will do is balloon the deficit.

(Last fall, Romney promised to give rich Americans a tax cut but make sure that the cut was "revenue neutral" by stripping away popular tax deductions. The Tax Policy Center discovered that the only way this would be possible would be for Romney to also effectively raise taxes on the poorest Americans. For obvious reasons, Romney didn't like that, so now he seems to have backed off the idea of revenue neutrality. Romney's web site doesn't mention anything about eliminating deductions or otherwise plugging the massive revenue hole his 20% tax cut would create.)

In any event...

At some point, I actually would like to vote for a Presidential candidate who has the balls to really tackle our budget problem. Because, as a country, we really do have hard choices to make. And now is the time to have leaders who are actually willing to lead (read: make unpopular decisions), instead of spineless yes-men who quake at the thought of saying or doing things that most people don't want to hear.

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