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The FEMA Faceoff: Truth as an Urban Legend

•, The Two Gs
 We both harbor a great deal of concern over what we see happening in our country but in fairness to the PTB, wanted to come to terms with real facts. Our goal was to uncover the truth and debunk what we thought were internet myth’s about FEMA and FEMA activities.
Now we are not so sure.
In recent months we have all read and seen videos of the large scale movement of military gear, including equipment which could be used to control an unruly US civilian population. To add to that, the US Army’s forward training documents reveal that the military is contingency planning for major US in civil turmoil in 2016. That this could theoretically be caused by the hard bite of the Second Depression and people not seeing it coming is of great concern to us. That plus the fact that the majority of the population will not be properly prepped when it all comes tumbling down.

When writing about tank movement and such on our websites, one of our readers suggested that this was “normal” movement and that the tanks and other heavy gear were likely headed for Fort Irwin (near Barstow) for war gaming and to be fitted with the latest and greatest electronics. But in the hundreds? That fails the “smell test” when we are told that Afghanistan will be winding down. Something simply is not adding up.

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