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Silver Aug 25th 2012 - (High of $30.93 today)

Publisher: I suspect that circumstances and benefits to the "Bad Guys" will produce another large drop in Silver. But in the end, we'll be happy that we bought Silver when it was in double digits. I've been regularly buying small amounts, as much as I could afford and still eat, since it was at $13 and most of it when it was at $17 - this is when I gave a bunch to my daughter for her wedding - many of my more financially secure friends were buying silver in the $3 - $10 range. You may think I started early, but in the eyes of many of my libertarian friends they are of the opinion that I got started later than I should... but I am poor. I share this with you so you'll understand what I mean when I say, 'we'll see double digits like we use to look at single digit Silver prices. I insist that you just keep breathing in and out longer than the 'Bad Guys'... that's it..... and stay out of a cage. It is waaaay past time to start thinking about preparing for surviving the "shuffling" that's coming.

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