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Bill Nye: Please don’t teach your kids creationism, because it is crazy

•, By Jonathan Terbush

Bill Nye, host of the popular nineties children’s show Bill Nye the Science Guy, is warning parents to not teach their children creationism because, he says, it does them a disservice by undermining their scientific understanding and development.

In a short video for Big Think, Nye says that despite being the seat of some of the world’s greatest technological innovations, America is still home to so many who refuse to accept the fundamental scientific theory of evolution. If that belief is passed on to future generations, he said, America would be deprived of the scientists and engineers it will need to stay technologically competitive down the road.
“I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution, and live in your—in your world, that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in our universe, that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it, because we need them,” he said. “We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future.”

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Comment by Martin J Sallberg
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 There is no true controversy between "evolution" and "intelligent design", even the "modern synthesis"-followers themselves accept that. There are several theories of evolution, while the term "intelligent design" is sometimes covert creationism and sometimes a snarl word for theories of evolution that does not fit the "differential reproductive success" model. There is evidence that some form of evolution have happened and is happening, and that all complex life is descended from much simpler forms, but there are fatal flaws in the theory that differential reproductive success should be the driving force of evolution. See the topic page "Evolution" at Pure science Wiki,

Comment by Ed Price
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Actually, there isn't any theory of evolution. What there is, is a bunch of people who say that there are one or more theories of evolution.

For anything to be theoretical, evolution included, it has to have a reasonable number of logical qualities to it that haven't been disproved.

Search the Internet on the words "evolution" and "creation." When you do, you will find that the whole idea of evolution is based on guesswork. You will find that the guesswork produces so many questions that can only be answered by creation, that if evolutionists were honest in their evaluation, they would have produced a "theory of creation" long ago.

Does science that upholds the theory of evolution exist? Yes it does. But it is NOT evolutionary science that upholds evolution theory. It is political science that upholds evolution theory. It is where scientists who want to believe in the theory of evolution continue to emphatically cry out, "Evolution is true, true, true! Creation is false, false, false!" Political science, the ONLY science that could stand a chance of keeping the idea of evolution in the realm of theoretical.

Comment by Nathan Barton
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So Bill Nye the Science Guy thinks that I am a threat to the United States and to scientific and engineering progress in the nation and the world.  A disciple of Carl Sagan, Nye says that my refusal to believe in evolution (macro-evolution) has made me incapable of doing anything in science or engineering, that I am incapable of solving problems, that I am blind to the complexities of the world and that my children are likewise doomed to a hideous life as "scientifically illiterate voters and taxpayers."  Never mind six years at the Colorado School of Mines where not one instructor or professor, not one classmate, not one guest lecturer or book was able to demonstrate that evolution and all the associated old-earth "science" was anything more than a fantasy invented to challenge the truth found in the geologic evidence and biological data available around us. Never mind my 30+ year career as an engineer solving problems on four continents; never mind the money businesses and people (including more than a few governments) have paid me for successfully solving their problems. To him, because I reject the false science AND false religion of evolutionary development of life and mankind, I am a speed bump in the highway to progress: an illiterate who is unable to stay technologically competitive and will destroy my nation.  As will my children after me:  although I certainly did NOT raise them to be taxpayers, nor primarily as voters: but as people who can live lives of liberty and preserve and protect God's gifts of life and liberty and property. This man turns my stomach: it is him and his false religion and false gods (like Sagan) that threaten and have all but destroyed my nation.


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