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Welcome to Production Engine EVO-UPDATE: FBI RAID - FBI agents entered our building with Guns drawn


As of 10 AM March 5th, 2013 Inteligentry, LTD is closed until further notice. At this time 12 or 14 FBI agents entered our building with Guns drawn and at gun point herded us into the front room and sat us down. Then they explained they were not there to arrest anyone but to serve, and service, a "Search Warrant" And Confiscate documents and materials so they could look at them for any "illegal" acts, ie. a "Fishing" trip, for something to charge us with.

We are creating the "proof of product" engine. This is the final step to prove we can provide all needed data for licensing, expect production and most of all SUCCESS.

Watch as we assemble one of the
Production Prototype "Training Engines....

With this MASS PRODUCIBLE ENGINE will be able to train manufacturers to make engines, get Production started and OEM's using them. ALL OVER THE WORLD.
We will show you the evolution from our process "discovery" and test engines which have evolved into this "Training" engine, a sample of the mass producible engine.
This "TRAINING" engine is what we call a "LITE" twin. It is limited to 150 HP loads because we use a smaller shaft commercial "Bottom End" than the 300+ HP engines would have.

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