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FOX19 Exclusive Video: Ben Swann Sits Down with Romney & Ryan

Reality Check: One on One With Romney, Did Romney Really Not Know About RNC & Maine's Delegates?  

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Comment by Washington George
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Gary Johnson's Speech At PAUL Fest

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Maybe on day someone will ask Mitt about the Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme he,and one of his son`s are being investigated for,and,or, the Million + Mit scammed from the Dept of Ed,or,who it is Mitt has on the Inside that makes it easy for him to get money. When Mitt starts his war(s) you can bet that his son`t won`t be doing any of the fighting..It will by Your Son`s,and Daughters.

Comment by Margaret Schaut
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The parties are masters at evil and dirty tricks. They have substituted 'we the party' for 'we the people' and they'll do ANYTHING, no matter how evil or corrupt, to keep it that way.  There is NO HOPE in these parties. They must be taken from the inside out, or outlawed altogether. If anyone thinks, after this fiasco, that we will have an honest politician or President in Romney, they are the ones who need their heads examined.

Comment by Jean Carbonneau
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 This is such Bravo Sierra!!  Romney had 2 attorneys who were on the convention floor that weekend, and we're already mentioning filling a formal complaint to the RNC.  Of course, they waited until the day before the deadline to do so.  2 Romney rumbswabs, Peter Cianchette(who ran for Governor in 2002 in Maine, and spoke to the Maine LP Convention) and Jan Staples(who lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, which is sorta akin to living in Scotsdale or Paradise Valley) filed the complaint.  It should be noted that Ms. Staples had her ass handed to her when she ran for National Committee Woman for Maine, and was defeated by a 21 year old young beautiful lady named Ashley Ryan. 

Romney's people got outnumbered, outfoxed, and outeverything during that weekend.  To quote Jim Morrison from the song, "Five to One", "They got the guns, but we got the numbers.  Going win, yeah, we're taking over, Come On".  Just a bunch of sore losers, nothing more, nothing less.  To his credit, Gov Lepage did the right thing, and told the establishement to go pound dirt.  I admire the man, since he's first and foremost, not a politician.  He's not afraid to say what he means, and doesn't care who he offends.  He's a self made man, born into poverty and welfare, and started a string of stores selling second hand clothes and other items, and made a fortune. 

What ever you hear the press say about this, it's a lie.  Ben Swann nails it.  Good for him.  This first and foremost, is why I'm not involved in politics anymore, and like Ernie says, the revolution begins between the ears.  I help to push that agenda rather than the politcal one.  Politics really does suck!!!!

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