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Israel’s First Drone Strike Inside Egyptian Territory Kills Sinai Bedouin

• by Richard Silverstein
 Alon Ben David, Channel 10′s military correspondent reports (at 13:30 of the above video) a drone strike against an Egyptian target 18 miles inside that country’s borders. It assassinated Ibrahim Owida Nasser Madan, a local Bedouin militant, as he was riding a motorcycle. Ben David characterized him vaguely as a follower of “global jihad.” The victim’s sin? He was supposedly involved in a missile attack against Eilat last year in which no one was hurt or injured. Ben David did not explicitly credit the IDF for the attack though he did say no one in Israel “will shed a tear” for his death.

My long-time Israeli source reports that Israel is indeed responsible, saying: “Israel decided that what has worked successfully in Sudan will work in Sinai also.” This refers to Israel’s repeated attacks on alleged Iranian weapons convoys smuggling weapons to Gaza. These attacks have been reported widely in Israel and elsewhere, but Israel has always refused to confirm this.

CNN also reports the story though it doesn’t explicitly state that Israel was responsible.

The IDF has denied the Sinai drone attack publicly, though of course the fact that Ben David reported the story indicates the IDF may be speaking from both sides of its mouth with one side contradicting the other. Since it denies it killed him of course it doesn’t have to offer any evidence he was involved in what it claims he was. In one report, the Egyptian military too has denied the attack since to do so would mean losing lots of face. But CNN reported above that an Egyptian source affirmed the attack.

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