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Federal Reserve Emphasizes Transparency, as If It Matters ...

•, by Staff Report
 We are to believe that the Federal Reserve's openness marks a great step forward in ... what? The problem with the Fed is that it is a monopoly central bank printing money-from-nothing and thus causing ruinous booms and terrible busts.

We're living through one such bust now. How is the Fed's transparency as regards any of this going to help with the fundamental problem of Money Power?

That's the kind of question Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) might be asking, as he is behind the "audit the Fed" movement.

But the questionable "transparency" the Fed is offering us is nothing but a ruse, a feeble palliative designed to provide talking points for those who want to dodge the real issue: Modern monopoly central banking doesn't work, can't work, won't ever work. Central planning of any kind doesn't work. Nobody is capable of predicting the future with any kind of accuracy. It's why the Soviet Union fell apart.

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